Lots of exciting things are happening at C3 during our C3Room4More Expansion Project!  If you have any questions on Sunday, please ask a friendly member of our Greeter Team.

  • To provide additional seating in the Live Venue, the Family Room has been moved into what was the Starting Point 2 Room (across the hall).  Beginning Sunday, September 10, parents with young children who are not able to remain in our wonderful kids’ program will be able to see the message on the big screen TV located in the new Family Room.

We have 3 main entrances into the church building on Sunday

    • The far left set of front doors (during the week these doors are not accessible – please use the church office entrance on the northwest side of the church during the week)
    • New double doors on the west side of the building into the kid’s hallway (greeters are at that door 20 minutes before each service begins)
    • The back door into the LIVE venue (it may look like a construction zone, but it’s not!)
  • The area directly in front of our entrance can be driven on but at this time we ask that cars are not parked there until lines are added to it for everyone’s safety.
  • The journey to The Cafe Venue (located in the Reactor) is currently an adventure!  Just follow the marked path and you won’t get lost.  When services end, you are welcome to exit from the east and west Reactor doors directly to the parking lot.
  • Our gym is ‘offline’ while the ceiling and east wall are rebuilt and the floor is restored.  The Cafe Venue is temporarily located in The Reactor during this time.  We’re making #C3Room4More! We expect the Cafe Venue to re-open in the gym in October, when the new stage area, storage, sound treatments and electric work have been completed.
  • Temporary walls have been erected to support the building during additional demolition work.  You’ll see them inside when you are in the lobby.  You’ll also notice the framework going in for several new support pillars.  Please watch your step around these marked areas.
  • A large portion of the roof has been removed and will be rebuilt to accommodate our larger lobby and mezzanine level (future 2nd floor!).  The gym roof is also being replaced.
  • The old kitchen has been emptied and demolished to make room for our new lobby and Coffee ‘n More area.

Beginning Sunday, September 24:

  • There will be a NEW experience at C3!  LOBBY TUNNELS!  As the work on the new lobby area progresses, tunnels will be built to move people around the construction.  Yes, less elbow room in the Lobby now, but MORE when construction is done!  Families are encouraged to enter through the new double doors on the west side of the building so their kids can be dropped off before entering the Lobby tunnels.
  • Coffee & donuts will move to outside the front entrance.  The old Coffee & More area will be remodeled into a new kids’ check-in area and @Home Center.  We’ll also be serving donuts by the entrance to the Children’s hallway…and we’ll have roving donut servers as well, so you never know where you might see donuts!

Watch the video below to catch the vision of #C3Room4More!

If you are interesting in submitting a donation towards the expansion project, you can do that online or contact the church office.

150 Gage Boulevard | Richland, Washington 99352

Sunday Services: 8:30am | 9:50am | 11:15am