Week 1

April 2

Morning Time

This month let your child wake up to: “Jesus is alive and He’s our friend forever! Yay, Jesus!”

Week 2

April 9

Car Time

Tell your child to count the people he sees out the window as you drive. Lead him in saying, “One, two, God loves you!” each time he sees two people. It’s a fun way to remember that God loves the world.


Week 3

April 16

Easter Lesson

Special Program for Easter

Week 4

April 23

Bath Time

Cut a heart shape out of a new pink kitchen sponge and add it to bath time this week. Tell your child that a heart reminds us of love. When Jesus died and went away  (cover the heart sponge up with a wash cloth) everyone was very sad. But then Jesus came back (uncover the sponge) just like He promised! Jesus went away (cover sponge) and then He came back (uncover sponge)! (Repeat several times.

Week 5

April 30

Cuddle Time

Cuddle up with you child and pray, “Dear God, thank you for the Church. We love being apart of a group of people who love you and help one another. I pray that [child’s name] and I will help others know that Jesus is the best so they can be a part of the Church too. Help us to do our part in the Church to love others and do great things. We love You, God! In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.”