Week 1

March 5

Morning Time

This month let your child wake up to: “Rise and shine! It’s a great day to love one another!”

Week 2

March 12

Car Time

As you drive to your destination, talk about the “neighbors” you will see when you get there. Decide some ways you can love them when you get there. Can you smile and say hello? Give a hug? Share a toy? We can love everyone when we look for ways to do it.

Week 3

March 19

Bath Time

Cut a pool noodle into two-inch sections (like slicing cookie dough). Ask your child to count the pieces as you drop two sections into the bath water. Explain that two is a little but (pour the rest of the sections) this is a lot! The woman in the Bible story this week shared what she had even though she had a little. We can share too, even when we have a little.

Week 4

March 26

Cuddle Time

Cuddle up with your child and pray, “Dear God, it feels amazing knowing that You love me and [child’s name] no matter what. Please help us to love people the way You do and forgive them when they make wrong choices. We love You, God! In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.”