Week 1

May 7th

Morning Time

This month let your child wake up to: “It’s going to be a great day because God’s got it!”

DANIEL 3:10-28
God is with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and rescues them from a fiery furnace.

Week 2

May 14th

Car Time

Play the ‘What if…?” game as you drive.
“What if we had a flat tire? God’s got it!
What if it starts raining God’s got it!
What if we get sick? God’s got it!

Practicing a “God’s got it!” response to certain scenarios that would normally cause us to worry, before they actually happen, helps us to respond with a “God’s got it!”
attitude if they do happen


GENESIS 21:14-20
God hears ishmael crying and provides the water he needs.

Week 3

May 21st

Bath Time

Tell you child to choose a plastic toy friend to add to bath time. Make some soap suds with bubble bath or use shaving cream and spread it along the edge of the tub. Make a path with your finger for you child to follow with their toy friend. Tell you child that the path will show theeir friend the way to go. Continue making new paths for your child’s toy to follow. As your child plays say, “Who taught Gideon the way to go in the Bible? God did!”

JUDGES 7:9-22
God tells Gideon what to do to win battle.

Week 4

May 28th

Cuddle Time

Cuddle up with your child and pray, “Dear God, it makes me feel so good knowing You have the power to protect [child’s name]. I know nothing can happen to her that you can’t help us with. You’ve got it! Thank you for watching over us and loving us. You are such a good, good Father. We love You. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.”

DANIEL 6:1-23
God protects Daniel when he is thrown into a den of lions.