Week 1

September 3rd

Morning Time

When you go into your child’s room say, “Good morning!  There’s my big boy/girl! (Give your child a big hug and hold them.) Mommy/Daddy loves you. [Sibling’s name] loves you, [Names of other speical people] love you. And God loves you!”

1 KINGS 18:1-39

God is with Elijah.

Week 2

September 10th

Car Time

As you put your child in his/her car seat, name the things that are with him/her as you point to them. For example: “Your favorite toy is with you. Your bag is with you. And God is ALWAYS with you!”

ESTER 2:2-8:17

God is with Esther

Week 3

September 17th

Cuddle Time

Cuddle up with your child this month and pray, “Dear God, thank You for giving [child’s name] to me. I love him/her so much. It’s amazing to think that You love him/her even more! We know You are always with us—at school, here at home, when we drive in the car! Help us to remember that so we can be brave and do what You want us to do. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

JOSHUA 2:1-22; 6:1-25

God is with Rahab.

Week 4

September 24th

Bath Time

Ask your child which toy he/she would like to be with him/her during bath time. As you bathe your child, ask a few times, “Where’s your [name of toy]? Is it with you?” As you dry your child off tell him/her, “God is always with you, because He loves you!”

JOSHUA 6:1-20

God is with Joshua.