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Message Notes and Group Questions

September 10th – October 1st

Under Construction Message Series

Your life story isn’t finished! What will you do with the blank pages? The choices you make today will lead you one way or another, but when you know Who to trust, you’ll always be headed in the right direction, God’s Direction. In this series, we’ll learn how to seek God’s will for our lives & how He cares more about who we are than what we do.

Weekly Message Titles

June 18th – September 3rd

Under Construction Message Series

Ever wonder why Jesus picked the 12 disciples that He did?  Were they the cream-of-the-crop?  Did they have it all together?  Or were they works in progress like the rest of us?  Join us this summer for “Under Construction” as we unpack this rag-tag group of Christ followers & find hope for the rest of us!

Weekly Message Titles

May 14th – June 11th

What Are You Hiding?

There’s the side of you everyone sees, and then there’s the real you. Are you tired of hiding the real you? Are you afraid, not if, but when you will be found out? Join us for “What Are You Hiding?”

Weekly Message Titles

April 16th – May 7th

Second Chance

How different would the world look if everyone got what they actually deserved? Would your salary be the same? What would our prisons look like? Would nice guys finish first or last? Or would things be a lot worse? In this 4 week series, we’ll take a look at the things we actually deserve that God’s forgiveness spares us from. Come join us as we learn God is the God of the 2nd Chance!

Weekly Message Titles

April 2nd- April 9th

What was I thinking?

Well-meaning people build their lives around values & beliefs that lack faith in a God-sized vision for them. In this 2-part Spring Break/pre-Easter series, we will explore 2 major areas where misconceptions thrive: personal money management (April 2) & morality (April 9).

Weekly Message Titles

February 26th – March 26th

Home Security Series

We try hard to secure our home from different kinds of invasions. We put locks on our doors & windows, we might have a security alarm, & maybe even cameras in our home just so we can check up on things when we’re away. But what are we doing to secure what really matters in our home? How are we securing our marriage, our parenting of our kids, our lives from addictions, & securing what we truly believe about God? Join us as we look at God’s answers for truly having “Home Security”!

Weekly Message Titles

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