K – 3rd Grade


Geared towards K-3rd. We provide worship and Bible study. Each month we provide a bible point and memory verse.

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One of the main objectives is to help establish six specific HABITS in your children’s lives. These H.A.B.I.T.S will help them develop a life-long relationship with God and others. Our desire is that each child become a devoted Christ follower.

H - Hang Time with God
This is quiet time with God. Help your child determine a time of day that will work best for them to practice their Hang Time.


  • Prayer
  • Devotional time with weekly God Time cards
  • Bible reading – Most children  read 20 minutes a day for school, encourage them to spend time daily with God.
A - Acts of Kindness
This is showing God’s love to others. Challenge you child to look for opportunities to show kindness.


  • Help mom or dad prepare dinner
  • Help do yardwork
  • Smile at someone who looks sad
  • Share school supplies with someone who doesn’t have any
  • Ask somebody if they’d like a hug
  • Pick flowers and give to an elderly neighbor
B - Bible Memorization
Explain the importance of hiding God’s word in our minds and hearts. Each month in Power Kids we learn  a bible verse which goes along with our virtue. Help you child memorize that Bible verse. It will be on a small card that is given out at the first Sunday of each month.
I - Involvement in Church
Encourage and help you child to faithfully attend Power Kids on Sunday mornings. Brainstorm with your child ways they can serve others in the church.


  • Help the teacher clean up after Power Kids
  • Help clean church grounds on clean up days
  • Attend the outreach events (Jesus’ Birthday, Movie night..)
  • Prepare an Operation Christmas Child shoebox
T - Tithing Commitment
Help your child understand what tithing means. Explain that we are honoring God when we obey what the Bible says and give 10% of our money to the church. If your child brings an offering, he or she can put it in our special Collection Box. Regular giving (weekly/monthly) can encourage this habit.
S - Sharing Jesus with Others
Explain why having Jesus as your Forever Friend is an important relationship for everyone. Remind your child to pray for their friends during their prayer time. Encourage your child to bring friends to church activities such as Sunday mornings, summer camp, and special events.

Earn that Bible Buck!

Each of the H.A.B.I.T. categories has a “bible buck” value attached to it. Each week total up the Bible Buck value for the categories where your child preformed. Your child can then turn in the form to their teacher signed by you. They will then receive the Bible Buck. Bible Bucks can be spent at the Bible Buck store!

What’s Your Child Learning

Your child gets handouts every week, if you want a copy, save or print the material listed under the appropriate month below.

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Power Kids Events

C3 Kids Camp
June 18, 2018. All day

Mission POSSIBLE Summer Camp is open to kids who have just completed grades 3-5!  Join us June 18-21 at Silverlake Camp in Medical Lake, WA.

C3 Kids, click here to register!

Not from C3?  Contact Scott, our Children's Pastor, for more information.

July 9, 2018. All day

For kids who've just completed kindergarten through 5th grade!

All kids who attend will choose a sport to focus on:  Basketball, Soccer or Cheerleading.

But that's not all! Kids will enjoy upbeat rallies filled with energetic music, fun sports stories, and Bible stories that will help them discover character traits that can help them excel in sports and in life.

Check back beginning May 1 for a registration link!

Power Kids Events

150 Gage Boulevard | Richland, Washington 99352

Sunday Services:   8:50am | 10:10am | 11:30am