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Adults Serving in C3SM

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We are excited that you are interested in being part of the C3SM Serving Team.

Please look over the Leader Agreement document below, during the interview we can discuss this more.

View C3SM General Leader Agreement

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We will contact you soon to coordinate an interview as well as answer any questions you might have.

We’ll schedule a time to meet with you and discuss more details about the serving opportunities as well as go over the Leader Agreement.

We appreciate your willingness to help our students grow in their faith!

Ways You Can Serve


If you love Jesus, have a welcoming smile, and like interacting with students, then Greet Team may be the right place for you to serve!

C3SM Greet Team is the team that helps every student —from the first time guest to the regular attender — feel welcomed and celebrated when they walk in the door of C3 Student Ministries!

When: Wednesdays, 5:15pm-6:20pm AND/OR Sunday mornings, 9:45am-10:30a or 11:25a-11:50a

How Often:  2 to 4 times per month

Position Entails:

  • You will greet students at the door and check-in stations
  • Connect with first time guests
  • Assist students with check-in as needed.

Training provided!


Do you have the passion to help our C3 students be in a safe envirnoment?  Not only do we want our students to be in a safe environment,  we want them to feel like they are safe here as well. If so this position may be the right one for you!

When: Wednesday – 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM

How Often: 2 to 4 Wednesdays per month this is determined by your availability

What This Position Entails:

  • Be Visible
  • Be Helpful
  • Direct People to Where they need to be
  • Help quell any disruptions
  • Work with local authorities
  • Patrol Facility
  • Identify potential hazards and people who are out of place
  • Communicate with emergency contacts
  • Ensure that students don’t leave evening meetings once the message has started
  • Ensure students do not leave property with out prior permission.
  • Maintain a watchful eye while making rounds, ensuring assigned area is properly patrolled and monitored.
  • Respond to medical and other emergencies according to established procedures.
  • Manage traffic flow as guests drop off/pick up students and enter/exit the facilities.

Small Group Leader

One of the most key position is that of our small group leaders. The most important part of volunteering is building consistent, long-term, God-centered relationships with your students. Walking alongside them in their environments is an important way to meet students wherever they are in life. It’s about relationships and letting students know that you are there to point them to Jesus.

When: Lead A Small Group: Wednesday Nights from 7:30pm-8:15pm – leaders need to be at the C3 by 6:00pm.   Doors are open at 5:30pm. These hours include games, worship, teaching time, and small group time.

How Often: Wednesday nights as well as other times where you can build a connection with your group outside of Wednesday evening – see below.

What This Position Entails:

  • Oversee a group of students of your same gender, and that are all in the same grade. Generally there are xx students/group
  • C3SM will provide you with the small group prompt each week through our “Leader Weekly” email. The prompt & passage you will discuss in small groups is from that night’s teaching.
  • Group leaders will need to spend time prepping in advance for each small group discussion.
  • Consistent Shepherding of Your Small Group.
    Here are some options of how to connect with your small group in addition to your weekly small group time:
  • Host a movie night at your home/apartment
  • Attend one of their sporting events, plays, birthday parties, etc.
  • Write a postcard or letter of encouragement (we will mail them for you!)
  • Text a weekly devotional, encouragement, or verse
  • Call a student to say hi or check-in!
  • Take a student out to lunch, coffee, or a movie
  • Plan a night out for your group – be creativeShow up during an emotional event in their life – just be there!
  • Attend Training: There will be 4 mandatory leader training times, where all youth volunteer staff comes together to grow as leaders, be equipped in certain areas of ministry, and build community among other youth staff. You will get the dates for leader training far in advance in order to avoid any conflicts.
  • Camps, Trips, & Events Participation Expectation


C3SM has several big events each year – Summer Camp, Winter Camp, and Purpose Conference. It is highly recommended for leaders to attend these trips & events. This is where relationships are able to go deeper, and memories are easily formed. You will get an event calendar and we ask you to commit to as many as you’re able to. We understand that life is busy so we don’t expect you to be at everything, but we would love for you to try your best — and communicate with us as soon as possible to what you can and cannot attend.C

Snack Bar Helper

If you love Jesus, have a welcoming smile, like interacting with students, and can serve snacks with enthusiasm, then Snack Bar may be the right place for you to serve!

When: Wednesday 5:15 – 6:20pm

How Often: 2 to 4 Wednesday evenings per month – depends on your availability

What This Position Entails:

  • Assist a team of student volunteers wherever needed
    • Making change
    • Blending smoothies
    • Boosting customer service skills.
  • Serve our student “customers” as they purchase snacks and drinks
  • Welcome first-time students when they visit the Snack Bar.

Training provided!

Interested, but have questions?  Email C3SM

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