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Discover how to use your gifts through one of C3’s most creative and fun teams – The Music Team!


The C3 Music Team is an auditioned group of worship leaders, vocalists and instrumentalists who rehearse and provide music on a rotating basis for all C3 Sunday services.

Music is an important part of the Sunday experience, and the Music Team is responsible for helping bring this experience to life. The Music Team is mostly made up of vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, and drums, but is also open to experienced musicians of other instruments.

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Who gets involved with C3 Music Teams? The people who are involved with the Music Team attend C3 on a regular basis. They are gifted and called by God to use their gifts to serve our church through their musical talents. Vocalists have the ability to harmonize and find a vocal part, they have a servant’s heart, are ready and willing to use their gift to honor God and to share His love with others. Music Team members serve primarily at the weekend services, but may also may perform at other special events.

Will I be asked to serve every week? No. We are very conscious of your schedule. We ask for a 6 month commitment so that you are aware of the expections. At the end of the 6 months, you can continue or take a break. You are required to attend weekly rehearsals only if you are serving that Sunday. Likewise, you are expected to be a regular attender at the Sunday service even when you are not playing.

Do I serve at all service times? For a Sunday that you are scheduled, you will serve at all services in the venue you are scheduled.

When are rehearsals? Rehearsals are on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. You will only need to attend rehearsal on the week that you are playing.

How long do rehearsals usually last? Rehearsals last approximately 2 hours depending on what needs to be accomplished. We usually put together 3 songs each week, so it takes some time to get everything just right. We ask that you know the music completely when you arrive for rehearsal.

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