Creative Teams

Here at C3, our goal is to make more and better followers of Jesus Christ. Our Creative Teams do this in a number of ways.

we focus on creating Sunday morning experiences that engage, attract, and are useful to someone who has never stepped foot inside a church. This means we value doing everything with intention and excellence. In order to make better followers of Jesus Christ we allow opportunities for people to serve, build relationships, and develop their gifts as we honor God with our abilities. We have 3 venues that each carry their own unique experience, and you can read about those venues here. If you are interested in serving on a C3 Creative Team, please fill out an Interest form or take a closer look at our different teams below.

Creative Tech Team

The Creative Audio Video Team is for those of you who love creativity, but like to work behind the scenes.
This team focuses primarily on Sunday mornings and creating an engaging experience.

Creative Music Team

Discover how to use your gifts through one of C3’s most creative and fun teams – The Music Team!

The C3 Music Team is an auditioned group of worship leaders, vocalists and instrumentalists who rehearse and provide music on a rotating basis for all C3 Sunday services.


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Connect . Serve . Grow

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What’s Happening

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150 Gage Boulevard Richland, Washington 99352

Sundays: 8:30, 9:45, 11:00

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