Serve Frontline

what is frontline?

The frontline team parks, greets, seats, treats and provides information on Sunday mornings!

  • Team members are given a lanyard so that church visitors know who to talk to if they need guidance.
  • What do I wear? Wear whatever you’d wear on Sunday normally. Be yourself!
  • How often would I serve? A season of serving is 4-months. You can choose to serve during only one service time or just one Sunday per month (minimum).

If you enjoy meeting people, this may be the team for you. Sign up today!

Frontline serving

frontline positions

There are many ways to serve on the frontline of C3! Check out all the different ways below.


It all begins in the C3 parking lot!  Do you look GOOD in a florescent orange vest?  (Who doesn’t?)



Welcome people as they enter the church lobby.  Provide direction if needed.


Ensure that every person has an appropriate seat and that the environment within the venue is conducive for hearing the message.


Treats people with coffee and more before, during and after the message.



One team picks up donuts while another team treats everyone to donuts in between services.



Answers questions that come from our guests and communicates with church office for needed follow-up.