pastoral counseling

C3 offers Pastoral Counseling as part of the C3 Counseling Network.

What makes Pastoral counseling different than traditional counseling? Pastoral counseling is biblical-based counseling that incorporates faith, spirituality, and theology into care. Pastoral counselors believe the incorporation of spiritual exploration and support can foster wholeness, healing, and growth in those who are seeking help.

Pastor Adam equips individuals and organizations to discover and develop a healthy mental, emotional, and spirit directed lifestyle. He is certified in pastoral counseling, leadership development and applied theology.

Counseling is offered for adults, adolescents and children. Types of counseling include, but not limited to: premarital, marriage and relationships; divorce; abuse; domestic violence; substance addiction; peer and social pressures; sexual addiction; biblical guidance and undestanding; etc.

Pastor Adam

Pastor Adam Hrebeniuk

Adam is certified in pastoral counselor, leadership development, and applied theology from Northwest & Gonzaga University.

He gets his energy from meeting diverse people, shaping their worldviews and behavior through conversation, and playing competitive tennis.

how do i get started?

First step in our process is to schedule an initial session to determine path forward.

1. Request an Appointment with Pastor Adam

Call C3 at 509-627-2055, request a meeting on the Sunday Connect Card, or fill out out the online form below. The initial session is free.

2. Initial Session

This meeting will be approximately 50 minutes. The purpose is to discuss your needs and to explain C3’s resources and provide information about C3 Consulting  as well as determine next steps.

After the intial meeting your next steps may be to continue with Pastor Adam, to see one of our C3 network therapists, or come up with a different options.



3. Scheduled Sessions

Pastor Adam generally meets with clients up to 3 times.