Support Groups

Support groups are groups of people dealing with the similar challenges.  These groups are led by trained facilitators.

C3 offers some of the support groups at C3 while others offered at other facilities in our community:




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Grief Share
Celebrate Recovery

Designed to help people who are stuck in pain, perplexed by problems or struggle with exaggerated desires that make their life unmanageable, the content is based on the word of Jesus in Matthew 5:1-10 & 12 biblically based steps.

Held at:
South Hills Church
3700 @. 27th Ave.
Kennewick, WA
South Hills Church – Celebrate Recovery


Addiction Support

  • Avenue (Men facing sexual compromise) – C3 Group
  • Aveuneresoure.com – online resource
  • Puredesire.org – online resource
Women - Healing

Is your family dealing with a spouse that has a sexual addition?  If so, this group will aid in supporting wives.

Other Resources

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