c3 kids

Helping kids make wise choices, build lasting friendships, and trust God!

Infant – 2 years old

C3’s Nursery area is designed with your child in mind. We have lots of age-appropriate toys and a caring staff to teach your child about God’s love. We provide a safe environment so that you are able to listen to the message in one of our Sunday venues. Our paging system allows us to contact you during service if your child requires your attention.

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    2 Years old – 5th grade

    Our Preschool and Elementary programs use GROW curriculum. To help kids and families begin to develop consistent spiritual habits, we provide activities, games and conversation that share the four spiritual HABITS:
    1. Spend time with God.
    2. Spend time with others.
    3. Use our/their gifts.
    4. Share our/their story.

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        big idea

        Each quarter one of the Spiritual Habits is the focus. Activities and conversation support and demonstrate what this looks like. Along with worship and a memory verse, Grow Curriculum provides the same Biblical story- at the appropriate level at the same time. Our messages will take kids through every major Bible story in 3 years. Since the stories are told at the same time, kids won’t miss anything even when they Move Up! 

        the win

        Babies/Preschoolers (2-5 years olds) > planting seeds of God’s love and truth in the hearts of your little ones. Elementary > learning to build relationships with each other. The win is when a child in Elementary is able to take a step toward owning their own faith.
        Grow also provides The Spiritual Habit App > designed to help kids (and grown-ups too!) set goals, track their spiritual habits, and share their progress! Check out the HABITS KIDS BY GROW via your app store today! Lastly, we will be providing the same impactful take-home guides for kids to keep learning while they are with the most impactful people in their lives- YOU! The HABITS are a part of how each child takes a STEP in growing their faith.

        Bible Bucks

        One of the objectives of C3 Kids is to help establish five specific habits in your kids’ lives. These habits, called STEPS, will help develop a life-long relationship with God and others.

        When kids in Kindergarten-5th grade fill out the STEPS card they will earn Bible Bucks! STEPS cards are sent home each week in your kids take-home bag. Each grade gets to go to the Bible Bucks Store one Sunday per month to spend their Bible Bucks.