Group life

Winter group sign-ups will begin Sunday, December 20.

Groups begin meeting the week of January 19.

Group life at C3

Winter groups will feature a blend of online and in person groups.  Digital groups can be from 5-20 people in size. In person groups will hold to a maximum of 12-15.  Most groups will be a video based curriculum with time for discussion.

Length of Groups will be between 45-60 minutes each week and last between 4-8 weeks. Each month new groups will be added. So as you step out of one group, you can move to another.

Stay flexible – we will keep you updated with any changes to C3 Group Life.

Online group life

when can i join a group?

Many of our groups are available to join anytime. Once per quarter (generally beginning in December, March, June and August), we have a four week ‘open enrollment’ time when you can ALWAYS sign up for new groups and groups beginning new study topics. During that time, we’ll have around 60 groups available for you to choose from. And don’t worry, if you’re brand new, lots of us are new right along with you.

We have three kinds of groups:

  • Turbo Groups meet for 4-6 weeks on a focused topic.
  • Quarterly Groups meet for 8-10 weeks.
  • Extended Groups meet for 2-4 quarters. They are open to welcoming new people each quarter and take at least a 2 week break between quarters.

You’ll find groups centered around activities (like hiking, walking or basketball), learning (parenting, finances, Bible studies, etc.), message notes (discussing last Sunday’s message) and healing (such as DivorceCare and trauma recovery). All of our groups focus on getting to know each other and they all include community outreach activities.

    group types

    All C3 Groups interact and grow through practical application of the Bible. All groups serve to equip you to become a better follower of Jesus Christ!  You’ll find that each group fits one of 4 general group ‘types.’

    Coffee Bean


    Connect with people who want to learn more! From first-time believers to veterans, our Learning Groups offer book and video studies, and they MAY have homework. Some Learning Groups choose to go deeper into our Sunday messages using questions written by our pastors for discussion.

    Coffee Bean


    Connect around fun activities and recreation! These groups discuss Sunday messages or use short devotionals for spiritual growth. No homework.

    Coffee Bean


    Healing Groups encourage conversations and relationships that leads to restoration and hope.  They allow you to work through patterns of behavior you would like to change together with the support of those who are going through a similar season of life.

    Coffee Bean

    message notes

    Message Notes Groups meet together to discuss the past Sunday’s message. We delve deeper into what was preached about and talk about how it applies in our lives.