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January 17 Message Notes


Our services are livestreamed Sundays at 9 & 10:30 a.m. Each service lasts about an hour and includes music, a message and announcements. You can take notes on our mobile app (tap the Sunday Morning tile) or you can just sit and listen! Connect cards and offerings are submitted online or on our app.

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Terms and Conditions sermon series

Current Sunday Series


Have you ever wondered, “How do I know God?”  We know it’s important, but not everyone knows what it means or how to do it.  Spending time with God to grow in our relationship with Him sounds easy, but how do we really do it?  Join us for “Knowing God” this January!



On demand programing for Infants to Elementary students, parent resources, supplemental material and more!


Geared towards students 6-12th grade. Join us online every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.


  • How do I get to the livestream? Our livestream service is available under the watch tab above or on our app.  It’s also available on our Facebook page via Facebook Live.
  • How long is the service?  Services last about an hour. We start by singing a few songs, then you’ll hear a message from one of our pastors. 
  • Can I attend if I’m _____?  Fill in the blank with whatever fear you have about not being accepted: divorced, single parent, broke, an addict, a skeptic, etc. Everyone is welcome. So come as you are, and we’ll see you on Sunday!
  • What about my kids?  We have on-demand programming for infants to 5th graders on our website.  In addition, C3 Students in grades 6-12 have in-person and online programming Wednesday nights at 6:30pm.