c3 Students

We're not a crowd, we're a family!
Student Schedule

6th – 12th GRADE

C3 Students is a safe place for young people to belong. We are leading students into new and growing relationships with Jesus!

At our gatherings you can expect a high energy, fun experience that points middle and high schoolers towards a deeper relationship with each other and Jesus. We play hard, sing loud and dive deep into relationships.

Join us in-person OR online every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. You are also welcome to sit together during the 9am service in the East Venue with Andrew, our Student Ministries Director.


Doors open at Wednesdays at 6pm, program start at 6:30.

6:00PM – Doors open for check-in at C3!
6:30PM – Service starts.
7:30PM – Service ends. Crews begin for those signed up.
8:30PM – Crews end time (may vary each week.

Student crews

Crews are one of the best things to do at C3!

Crews are small groups that connect you with students
your age, dive deeper into the message and help you
grow your relationship with Jesus. To sign up for a crew,
go to C3TriCities.com/crews.