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Partnering with parents to share different Bible and faith-based content to enjoy with their kids!

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Rightnow media

Not only is there content for adults, but there are also amazing bible and faith based shows for kids of all ages!

Sign up your family today and click on the “Kids” tab to find content broken up age group and interests.

Be sure to check out: The Mr. Phil Show, What’s in the Bible? and The Slugs and Bugs show!


Follow our C3 Kids Worship Playlist! Enjoy listening to the songs we do on Sunday morning at home!

Find us on Spotify at C3tricities or search for the following playlists:

  • C3 Kids Worship: Preschool
  • C3 Kids Worship: Elementary


For you and your YouTube kids, check out these family friendly/faith-based YouTube channels!

  • Bible Stories for Kids
  • The LaBrant Fam
  • Jeff Bethke family vlogs
  • The Learning Station
  • Blippi

apps for kids

This is a list of variety of Bible based activities and games your kids can enjoy!

  • Bible App for Kids
  • SuperBook Kids Bible
  • Bible Coloring Book
  • Noah’s Ark Bible Story Game
  • Bible Word Puzzle
  • David vs Goliath

    apps for parents

    This is a list of different apps to encourage you in your walk and different activates to do with your kids.

    • Parent Cue App
    • Bible App
    • Family5
    • First 5

    parenting podcasts

    Parenting Podcast filled with content to encourage and inspire you during this parenting season.

    • Focus on the Family Parenting
    • The Real Life Podcast
    • Don’t Mom Alone Podcast
    • Parenting on Purpose
    • Risen Motherhood

    to get the wiggles out / down time

    Go Noddle | Get Moving

      • Download the app or check out their YouTube Channel.

    Moshi | Twilight Stories

      • To help with quiet time and when it’s time to go to sleep.
      • Download the app or check out their YouTube Channel.

      just for fun

        anxiety conversations