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COG World Services

The mission at Global Strategy is to walk alongside the local church globally, pursuing the development of healthy churches that are locally led and sustained, regionally connected, and missionally engaged so that the church can give life to communities around the world.

Embracing Orphans

Embracing Orphans

Embracing Orphans believes in the love of Jesus, and through His love we care for the orphaned, abused, and neglected of Jamaica. They provide transitional care (A Father’s House and Immanual House), family reconciliation, children’s homes, social workers, and assistance with foster care and adoption.

Willamette International

Willamette International

Willamette International works with the people of Sierra Leone, Africa to support their physical and mental needs as well as foster an environment that preaches the gospel and points them toward Jesus. They do this through Grace Village, Grace Bible Institute and their Clean Water project.

Compassion International

Compassion International

Compassion International is a child-advocacy ministry pairing compassionate people with children living in extreme poverty to release the children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. C3 is partnering with Compassion to plant a new church in Guatemala and bring hope to some of the world’s poorest children.

Second Harvest

Josiah Venture

The goal of Josiah Venture is to walk young people in Central and Eastern Europe through the process of disciple making by challenging them to take the next step in the journey from unbelief to spiritual maturity. Their strategy for training young leaders is based on the life and ministry of Jesus and His disciples. Josiah Venture serves in 16 countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe, along with a support team in America.



I wanted to extend a hearty THANK YOU. As you probably already know we put in our bid, it was accepted, and we expect to be the new owners of the home in the first week of February. The finalization isn’t fast in Jamaica, but that is ok. I’ve spent several afternoons with the owner and we are very happy with the purchase.

One of the unique plans of the home is to diversify the options for the young men. I am an advocate of higher education for all of the former wards of the state, but the culture here is much more accepting of masculine rolls for young men. This would be soldier, police officer, mason, carpenter, etc. We have a stronger understanding of the systems to ready feminine careers, like those we’ve focused on at The Father’s House, – teacher, social worker, hospitality positions. I have walked through Immanuel House with Kevin from Jamaica Relief Ministries, they are interested in assisting with the masonry and carpentry skills. There is a large shop in the back that is perfect for strengthening these skills. In addition I have formed a partnership with the owner of a BPO (call center) that is interested in training and employing the young men because we have a friendship from years back.

I have also spent time negotiating some of the extras on the property that are not in the house purchase contract. These include security cameras, and a few furnishings.

Another area that I have had been working on is staffing. As you know the government does everything with employment, but take our suggestions. This allows us to not carry any liability and puts the staffing costs on the Child Protection and Family Services Agency. I’ve met with all of the males that work in investigations, social work, management, etc. in the CPFSA in the west region. There are only three. One is a good candidate for Immanuel House. However, I’ve met with one woman who is interested who in my opinion is ideal. She is the CPFSA investigator for sexual crimes against children. She is a strong leader, and has had her office inside the police station in Montego Bay. She cares a lot for young men, attends the Baptist Church and is a married Mom of a 2 year old. Her personality is dynamic she is professional, but very joyful. I’m hoping that we will be able to hire her as the Manager and have men as house staff. One of the men that we worked with is excellent in patience and care of young men.

Your donations, prayers, and advisement are changing a culture of a nation, and building the Kingdom. Please pray for our applicants, Immanuel House, and my wisdom, discernment and continued vision.

Carl Robanske (Founder & Executive Director, Embracing Orphans)