Understanding Next Steps

What's your next step?
Track My Steps
At C3, we know that growing spiritually isn’t one-size-fits-all, and each of us grows at our own pace. We’ve designed an online Next Steps tool to help you in your journey!
Next Class
Discover Your Journey
Next classes give you an understanding of what it means to partner at C3. We share how we lead people into new and growing relationships with Jesus.

Your Next Class icon will turn orange when you have attended Next Class within the past 2 years. Next classes are always available online and also offered in person. 


Activate your Salvation

Salvation is God’s plan of saving you from the self-destruction of sin, by asking for, believing in, and as a result behaving in a manner that shows Jesus is in charge of your life.

Your Salvation icon will turn orange when you let us know you’ve asked Jesus for forgiveness and invited Him into your heart, either when you text the word JESUS to 509-309-8284 or by clicking on the link below.
Declare Your Faith
Water baptism is an outward expression of your decision to trust Jesus as your savior.
Your Baptism icon will turn orange once you’ve been baptized at C3 or you’ve let us know that you were baptized elsewhere.
Express Your Faith
We gather in large groups to follow the early church model of singing and receiving a message from God’s word. The large gathering serves those who have not started their relationship with Jesus, and prepares followers to engage with the world during the week.
Your Gather icon will turn orange if you attended a Sunday service in the last 3 weeks and filled out a Connect Card online. If you attended a service at another church let us know below.
Groups at C3 Tri-Cities
Equip Your Faith

Groups allow for you to connect with other followers of Jesus, to strengthen and apply your relationship with Jesus, and to meet one another’s needs.

Your Connect icon will turn orange when you are an active member of a C3 group. If you are attending another Christian-based small group, let us know below.

Grow Your Faith
Build your faith with the actions you take to fuel and grow your relationship with Jesus. Just as you could not grow your relationship with a friend or spouse by avoiding them for weeks, it is the same with your personal walk with Jesus.
Your Build icon will turn orange when you are participating in C3’s monthly Bible Reading Plan, or when you let us know that you are spending time in God’s word by submitting an online form below.
Serve frontline
Live Your Faith
Serving others is one of the most effective ways to live out your faith. In a world focused on personal gain, there is no greater way to show others what a life devoted to Jesus is about.
Your Serve icon will turn orange when you are actively serving in a Ministry at C3 or have let us know that you are serving outside the church by submitting an online form below.
Trust Your Faith
Everything we own or receive is a gift from God. When we trust God with our resources, He will use them to bring people into new and growing relationships with Jesus.
Your Give icon will automatically turn orange when you are actively tithing to the body of Christ through C3. If you are tithing at another church, let us know by clicking the link below.
Share your story
Share Your Faith
You have a story, a story that could impact someone to make a decision to follow Jesus!
Your Share icon will turn orange when you have shared your story about what Jesus has done in your life through our website.