Next Class

what’s next?

Do you ever wander around C3 and ask yourself “what’s next?” If so, then take part in Next class. Next will provide an overview of our mission, strategy and help you determine your best next step. Next is not just for new people to C3, but also for those who want to learn more about why we do what we do.

During COVID our Next Class has moved online. Watch the 5 short videos below. Have a piece of paper handy to take notes so you can answer the questions below each video. Then fill out the form to let us know you have watched!

Part 1 Questions

1. Fill in the blanks:

Lead people into ________ and _______ relationships in Jesus.

2. When you are fully participating at C3 are you considered…

A. a member
B. a partner
C. in a country club

3. Which one is considered a C3 Next Step?

A. Gather
B. Serve
C. Build
D. All of the above

Part 2 Questions

1. Fill in the blank:

What is considered as The Body of Christ ___________?

2. Fill in the blank:

The Church is the _____ Jesus uses for saving our world.

3. What do the Leaders at C3 do?

A. Drink coffee
B. Pray
C. Replicate
D. All of the above

Part 3 Questions

1. Fill in the blank:

Who is C3 trying to reach ________________?

2. By reaching the disconnected who are we connecting with?

A. The family
B. Younger generations
C. Neighbors
D. All of the above

Part 4 Questions

1. Why must C3 never stop growing?

A. God loves people
B. God commands us to reach out
C. Growth is God’s will
D. All of the above

2. How do we grow?

A. We commit
B. Drink lots of milk
C. Exercise

Part 5 Question

1. What is Pastor Mark’s role?

A. Executive Pastor
B. A Strategic Leader on the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT)
C. C3 Board member
D. Lead Pastor
E. C3 Staff Member
F. Volunteer and Partner

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